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Exchange 2010 MessageTrackingLog: Failed to write log..Error Access Denied

Exchange 2010 MessageTrackingLog: Error Access Denied

Message Tracking in Exchange 2010 Stopped and you received the following Error in EventViewer.

“MessageTrackingLogs: Failed to write logs because of the error: Access to the path ‘MSGTRK20170329-8.LOG’ is denied..”

Let’s Start by reviewing the Current configuration for Message Tracking.

Now that you have your current configuration lets run a #OneLiner so , which will recreate the MessageTrackingLogs Settings and lets Exchange specify and set the permissions on the path specified.

Screen after script completed successfully.

Lest look at the directory and see if the logs are being written to file now.

That is some good news we have a current date stamp , let’s have a look at the actual Logs as well.

And that is some more good news as a new log has been generated in the specified location.

Lastly lets verify in Exchange Message Tracking GUI if we can see any Messages now.

And there you go Message Tracking working again.

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