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RDP to Ubuntu from Windows

To Access Ubuntu Remotely from Windows Lets Start by Opening the Terminal

Next Type :

Enter the Admin Password and press Enter

Once the Update date is done , continue by running the following command

Once the Installation of xrdp is complete we will move on to install Xfce4

 ( Unity doesn’t seem to support xRDP in Ubuntu 14.04; although, in Ubuntu 12.04 it was supported ). That’s why we install Xfce4.

Next Step lets configure xRDP

First we need to create, or edit, our .xsession file in our home directory. We can either use nano or simply redirect an echo statement (easier):

The second file we need to edit is the startup file for xRDP, so it will start Xfce4.

The content should look like this (pay attention to the last line and ignore . /etc/X11/Xsession):

Modify the current config by adding (startxfce4) to save config press ctrl+O .

Restart xRDP

To make all these changes effective, restart xRDP as such:

Testing if we can RDP to Ubuntu now

On a Windows Machine Type ctrl + R to Open Run then Type mstsc

Next Lets enter the IP address of the Ubuntu machine and click Connect

Click on Yes for the Warning Message

Enter the Username and Password for the Ubuntu Machine and click “OK”

Click on “OK” on the Next screen


And there you go  🙂 #HappyDays

RDP to #Ubuntu all working.



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