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Deploying Sharepoint 2013

How to Deploy Microsoft SharePoint 2013

This post will focus on deploying SharePoint 2013 using best practices.

The original post has been created by Renjith Memon, who is a regular blogger at

To get started lets look at a basic design and what requirements is needed.

Before we begin the installation let’s look at the 3 tier architecture of the SharePoint 2013 installation. (Image credit – )

Step 1

So the next step is to create the required service accounts! Below are the required service accounts based on their roles. Names can be absolutely changed according to your companies standards.

Once you have the service accounts created proceed to the next step of deploying the servers.

Step 2

In-order to build a 3 tier farm we need to build 3 servers as below. (Server specifications are based on the Microsoft best practices) Expecting that we are building Virtual Machines.

Make sure you have completely updated your windows with latest patches – Never install the Dot net versions higher than 3.5 on the WFE and CA Servers.

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