Bulk create Room Mailboxes


Exchange PowerShell Script to Bulk create Room Mailbox Databases


In this post I will show case a script I have created to Bulk create Room Mailboxes, this script was created to assist a customer to quickly create new Room Mailboxes for their new Offices.


The script will perform the following.

  1. Creates new Room Mailbox
  2. Sets the Database for the Mailbox
  3. Sets UPN
  4. Sets DisplayName and Name
  5. Sets a default Password
  6. Set to Auto Accept Meeting Invites
  7. Allow Conflicts set to false
  8. Booking Windows In Days set to 10
  9. Add Organizer to Subject to True
  10. Sets Resource Delegates
  11. Specify Room Capacity


An Example of the csv file used

Script used

To execute the script, navigate to the folder where the script is located and run theĀ  “BulkRoomMailbox.ps1” file.

To verify that the script has created the new “Room Mailboxes” , you can run the following cmdlets.

Get-Mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails RoomMailbox

The same can be viewed in the Exchange Admin Console.

Download Script and CSVĀ BulkRoomMailbox



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  1. Hi,
    I know this is a bit old however, is it necessary to put in a password? I thought Room Mailboxes are basically disabled user accounts.


    • that is correct yes and when you create them via the Gui the password option is greyed out. In the script you can leave the password section blank as its not needed.


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