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Category: Group Policy

While there is no simple way of addressing ransomware entirely, there are number of measures that all organisations can take to help spot and mitigate the risk and spread of such an attack. LepideAuditor offers probably the easiest, fastest (and most cost effective) means of spotting and reacting to potential ransomware attacks on your Windows…

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Using Active Directory to meet Regulatory Compliances

Using Active Directory to meet Regulatory Compliances   When it comes to meeting compliance, many Administrators settle for simply auditing event logs. By default, Event Viewer records all events that are generated on a Windows Server. However, is simply storing logs an efficient way to meet compliance? Most compliance mandates require a particular report to…

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Deploy Active Directory Domain Using PowerShell

Deploy Active Directory  Domain using PowerShell Let’s start by Setting the PowerShell Execution Policy to Unrestricted

Next we will rename the server and install Prereq features.

After the script has run successfully the sever will restart , once restarted launch the #PowerShell Console again and run the second script. This will install all…

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Some Group Policy areas are missing from the Group Policy Editor

SUMMARY When you open the Group Policy Editor MMC snap-in tool, focused either on a local GPO or AD-based one, some Group Policy areas that are expected to appear may not be found. SYMPTOMS Some policy areas are missing when you open up the Group Policy editor. These missing policy areas are different than the…

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