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Convert VHD to VMDK

Convert VHD to VMDK and other way around

Lets look at a great #Free tool from Starwind that allows us to do a conversion of our current virtual machine files.

For this example and will convert a VHD to vmdk and start it up in Vmware WorkStation.

You can start by Downloading the Application from : Starwind V2V

Lets Start by Installing the application. (I will Keep all Default during the setup)

Next lets look at the application and star our conversion process.

For this demonstration i will be converting a local file, select ‘Local file’ and click Next

Select the ‘VHD’ file and click Next ,  On the Next Screen select ‘VMware growable image’

Select your ‘Virtual Disk type’ and on the Next screen your ‘Destination file’ and then click Next.

Conversion Process Started.

Lets start the ‘Newly Created VMDK’ in ‘VMware Workstation’

New VMDK disk selected for new VM , so lets go ahead and ‘Power On’ .

And there you go #Easy Conversion from ‘StarWinds’







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