Distribution Groups in Office 365 Hybrid Deployment


How to Mange and Create new Distribution Groups in Exchange 2010 / Office 365 Hybrid Deployment .

We will start by Opening the Exchange Management Console and Navigate to Recipient Configuration and  click on Distribution Group


and on the left hand side on the Action Menu Click New Distribution Group.



Complete the Required fields and click Next



Complete the New Distribution Group By Clicking New on the Summary page.



Next we will kick off a DirSync in Task Scheduler to sync the newly created Distribution Group to Office 365.



After the Task has completed we will check in Office 365 If we can view the newly created group.

Login to the Office 365 Portal and Scroll down to Groups



In Groups click on Search Icon and type the Name of the Newly created Group



Group Synced to Office 365 🙂 Happy Days .

Next we will look at Managing this newly created Group .

We will Open Active Directory Users and Computers and navigate to the newly created group location.



Next we will Open the Group and add users to the Group



After adding the User to the Group we can kick of another DirSync . then we all sorted .


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