How to get Azure WordPress FTP Details


How to get your Azure WordPress Web App FTP Url and Credentials.

In today’s post I will quickly show, how you can get the login details to your Azure WordPress website. In a lot of instances, you just need to access the ftp site upload some file etc.

To get started you need to login to the Azure admin portal using:

From the Dashboard, you can select your WordPress Web App.

You will be redirected to the Web App Admin page, from this page you can click on the “Get published profile”. This file will contain details related to your Web App i.e published url and ftp url and credentials.

After clicking on the “Get published profile”, a file containing the pushing settings will be downloaded to your machine.

Right click on this file and open it with your preferred editor, I have opened with normal notepad.

The file contains a bit of information but for the purpose of this demonstration, I will only focus on the ftp portion.

In the file, you can look for the following line: FTP” publishMethod=”FTP”. Here you will find the ftp url as well as the username and password.

To test the url and the credentials, I will use windows explorer to connect to the ftp site with the details provide.

Enter the provided credentials and click Log on.

After providing the credentials I made a successful connection to the ftp site.

I hope this was useful to some.


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