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Move Azure VM to new Recovery Vault

In this post I will walk through the process of how to change your recovery vault once you have setup your azure backup.

To get started:

Navigate to your vm which you want to move to a new recovery vault.

Then click on Backup:

Then click on “Stop backup” to stop the current backup in the existing vault.

Once your backup has stopped successfully, head over to the old recovery vault and select properties.

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Under properties, “Disable” the “Soft delete” feature.

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Click on Save.

On the next step, you will have to install the Azure PowerShell Module. Here we will remove the backup protection for the selected vm.

Install Azure PowerShell:

Connect to Azure once the PowerShell module has been installed.


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Once you are connected run the following to remove backup protection from the VM.

Remember to update following fields

  • ResourceGroupName
  • VM FriendlyName

Once you have completed the process you will notice that the status is completed.

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Now lets go back to the azure portal and look at the vm if it still associated with a recovery vault.

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As we can see from the vm backup menu it is no longer associated with a recovery vault, we can now select the new recovery vault to continue backing up the virtual machine.

Credit: this process was found on “ “by user Matheus.

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