Removing Exchange 2013 Client Access Server from Exchange Organization


Removing Exchange 2013 Client Access Server

In this post i will look at removing Exchange 2013 Client access Server from the current Exchange Organization. As this is not the last Exchange Server in the Organization and removing this server will be very straight forward.

To start the process we can verify if this server is part of any send and received connectors and disable them.

Lets go ahead and disable the ReceiveConnectors

Now that the Receive connectors is disabled for this CAS server, lets go ahead and start the uninstall process for this server.

To start the process open command prompt and run as Administrator and the type the following command.


Setup /Mode:Uninstall /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms





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  1. Super helpful! Thank you. We had a storage blip that resulted in no cas server anymore… this allowed me to disable the connectors gracefully and then rip settings from adsi 🙂


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