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DHCP Server UI displaying wrong IP address in Windows 2012 (169.254)

Got to help out with a customer with a very interesting query. Authorized DHCP server not showing the correct server name or IP instead it comes up as a (169.254.X ) IP.

To resolve this issue or incorrect GUI Display we need to change the NIC binding with the steps below.

How to set/view the NIC bind order in Windows

NIC Binding is the order at which windows loads the NIC’s at boot up and takes the first one as a primary NIC.

For Windows 2008 Server please view the comment below by David Newcomb

How to Determine and Set the Primary NIC on Windows Vista (Need to be an administrator)

  1. Open Network Connections
  2. Press ALT key (dont hold, another list of menus will show up) Click advanced then click Advanced Settings
  3. Click the adapters and bindings tab, then under connections, click the connection you want to modify
  4. Then under the Binding for connection, you can move the protocol up or down for the connection you have selected at the top

How to Determine and Set the Primary NIC on a Windows 2003 Server

Use this procedure to determine and set the primary NIC on a windows 2003 Server:

  1. Right-click the My Network Places icon and choose Properties. Or Control Panel icon then choose Network Connections.
  2. From the menu of the Network and Dial-up Connections window, choose Advanced > Advanced Settings.


  1. On the Adapter and Binding tabs, in the Connections area, ensure that the primary NIC is listed first.
  2. From a DOS prompt, issue the ipconfig /all command to verify that your selected primary NIC appears first in the list.


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