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How to Install Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module

How to Install Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module In this short post, we will look at how to install the PowerShell module for Microsoft Teams. To get started we need to launch a PowerShell window. Ps. a Minimum PowerShell version is 3.0 Then type the following.

Enter Yes to continue, the module will start to…

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Prepare Active Directory and Domains for Exchange 2016

Prepare Active Directory and domains for Exchange 2016 The first step in getting your organization ready for Exchange 2016 is to extend the Active Directory schema. Exchange stores a lot of information in Active Directory but before it can do that, it needs to add and update classes, attributes, and other items. If you’re curious…

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Exchange 2010 MessageTrackingLog: Failed to write log..Error Access Denied

Exchange 2010 MessageTrackingLog: Error Access Denied Message Tracking in Exchange 2010 Stopped and you received the following Error in EventViewer. “MessageTrackingLogs: Failed to write logs because of the error: Access to the path ‘MSGTRK20170329-8.LOG’ is denied..” Let’s Start by reviewing the Current configuration for Message Tracking.

Now that you have your current configuration lets…

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Exchange Deployment Assistant Quick Overview

Exchange Deployment Assistant Quick Overview Exchange deployment tool creates a custom step by step checklist to help you deploy Exchange in different types of scenarios. The tool can be found Here. Click on Launch the Deployment Assistant. From the next screen you will have 3 different options to choose from On-Premises ,Hybrid ,Cloud Only. Details…

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Deploy Active Directory Domain Using PowerShell

Deploy Active Directory  Domain using PowerShell Let’s start by Setting the PowerShell Execution Policy to Unrestricted

Next we will rename the server and install Prereq features.

After the script has run successfully the sever will restart , once restarted launch the #PowerShell Console again and run the second script. This will install all…

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A speedtest tool for Azure

Test network latencies and speed to Azure data centers from different countries. is developed and maintained by Blair Chen (@blrchen), open source on GitHub, built on top of following open source projects Great tool by @blrchen, surely one of the tools to keep in your toolbox. AZURE Latency Test  

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The-Term ‘Clean-Mailboxdatabase’ is not a recognized cmdlet,function, script Exchange 2013

Clean MailboxDatabase Command no longer Valid on #Exchange 2013

Command has  been decommissioned for Exchange 2013 and replaced with Update-StoreMailboxState Update-StoreMailboxState require the GUID of a mailbox to execute so it usually easier to run in combination with Get-MailboxStatistics like the example below Get-MailboxStatistics -Database MDB02 | ForEach { Update-StoreMailboxState -Database $_.Database -Identity $_.MailboxGuid…

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