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How to increase Office 365 OneDrive Storage for a User.

How to increase Office 365 OneDrive Storage for a User.

In this post we will look at how to increase the OneDrive storage for a specific user in Office 365.

To get started we need to Download the SharePoint Online PowerShell Module which can be downloaded from the following link. Download the latest SharePoint Online Management Shell.

Or you can install the SharePoint Online PowerShell Module by running the following cmdlet. The new Module will be downloaded from the PSGallery.

You will be prompted to select “Y” to continue.

Once the Module has been installed next step is to create a connection to SharePoint Online by running the following.

“The url is that of the Sharepoint Online Admin Portal”

Before we can increase the storage of an Office 365 User’s OneDrive, we need to determine what the current url for the users OneDrive is.

To get the url, Open the Office 365 Admin Portal, then Navigate to Report > Usage then click on OneDrive and at the bottom of this page you will find a list of all the OneDrive users and the Urls.

Now that you have the url for users OneDrive portal let go ahead and view the current storage assigned to the user by running the following.

Here we can see that the current allocated storage to the user is 1TB.

To increase the storage from 1TB to 5TB the following cmdlet cmd can be used.

Note: 5TB is the maximum storage limit and the Identity is the url of the users’s OneDrive.

Once the cmd has executed completely, run the following cmd to verify that the change has applied.

As you will notice in the below image, the storage has been increased to 5TB for this user.

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