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Reduce Exchange 2016 Mailbox Database Size using ESEUTIL

Reduce Exchange 2016 Mailbox Database size using Eseutil.   In this post I will walk through the steps of reducing the Exchange Mailbox Database size, However the method of reducing the Mailbox Database size varies from different administrators. If you can afford to have downtime on a Mailbox Database then these steps would work for…

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Overview of The Exchange 2016 Transport pipeline services

Overview of The Exchange 2016 Transport pipeline services: Front End Transport service on Mailbox servers   This service acts as a stateless proxy for all inbound and (optionally) outbound external SMTP traffic for the Exchange 2016 organization. The Front End Transport service doesn’t inspect message content, doesn’t communicate with the Mailbox Transport service, and doesn’t queue any…

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Exchange 2016 message throttling settings

View Default Exchange 2016 message throttling settings Message throttling refers to a group of limits that are set on the number of messages and connections that can be processed by an Exchange server. These limits include message processing rates, SMTP connection rates, and SMTP session timeout values. These limits work together to protect an Exchange server…

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Prepare Active Directory and Domains for Exchange 2016

Prepare Active Directory and domains for Exchange 2016 The first step in getting your organization ready for Exchange 2016 is to extend the Active Directory schema. Exchange stores a lot of information in Active Directory but before it can do that, it needs to add and update classes, attributes, and other items. If you’re curious…

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Exchange Deployment Assistant Quick Overview

Exchange Deployment Assistant Quick Overview Exchange deployment tool creates a custom step by step checklist to help you deploy Exchange in different types of scenarios. The tool can be found Here. Click on Launch the Deployment Assistant. From the next screen you will have 3 different options to choose from On-Premises ,Hybrid ,Cloud Only. Details…

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KEMP – Free Load Balancer

Free Load Balancer from KEMP Since the introduction of #Exchange 2010 Microsoft no longer recommend the use of “Windows Load balancer” for #Exchange. KEMP Provide an excellent alternative with great additional features. The Free version of #KEMP Load Balancer come with the following features. KEMP Technologies free LoadMaster Application Load Balancer is a fully featured…

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