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Exchange 2016 – Fail to Send Email to newly created MailContact

“Fail” LED=550 5.7.136 RESOLVER.RST.SenderNotAuthenticatedForRecipient; authentication required; Delivery restriction check failed because the sender was not authenticated when sending to this recipient. In this post i will go over the option of removing the setting “Require that all senders are authenticated“. In Exchange 2013 this can be removed by logging into the Admin Console > Recipients…

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Add and Remove Distribution Group Members Powershell

Add and Remove Distribution Group Members Powershell   Lets look at some quick Powershell one liners to Remove and Add Distribution Group Members. Add DistributionGroup Member:

Remove DistributionGroup Member:

  Quick and Simple One liners.   #ThatLazyAdmin

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Set Office 365 Out Of Office using PowerShell

Set Office 365 Out Of Office Messages using PowerShell Connect to Office 365 PSSession using a script a created to simplify the connection :Connect-Office365-PSSession  

Images when script is executed Very simple and straight forward script to quickly and easily set OOF messages. TechNet Script can be downloaded here :SetO365OOF #ThatLazyAdmin

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RDP to Ubuntu from Windows

To Access Ubuntu Remotely from Windows Lets Start by Opening the Terminal Next Type :

Enter the Admin Password and press Enter Once the Update date is done , continue by running the following command

Once the Installation of xrdp is complete we will move on to install Xfce4  ( Unity doesn’t seem…

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PowerShell – Execution of Scripts is Disabled on this System

Execution of Scripts is Disabled on this System When you try and run a #PowerShell Script and you are faced with the Error “Execution of Scripts is Disabled” The quick work around for this is to change the current Execution Policy using the following. Lets Change the Execution Policy by running a #OneLiner


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How to Delete a User Profile from Server 2008 Terminal Server

Introduction DISCLAIMER: Editing\Deleting registry keys is very dangerous and should always be done with caution. Before making any changes to the registry please create backups and move them off the server from which you will be making registry changes. Steps (11 total) 1 Identify the SID of the user whose profile needs to be deleted.…

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Some Group Policy areas are missing from the Group Policy Editor

SUMMARY When you open the Group Policy Editor MMC snap-in tool, focused either on a local GPO or AD-based one, some Group Policy areas that are expected to appear may not be found. SYMPTOMS Some policy areas are missing when you open up the Group Policy editor. These missing policy areas are different than the…

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Find MAC Addresses of member NICs in a Native Windows Team

This article describes how to get the MAC addresses of all member Network Interface Cards (NICs ) in Native Windows Network Teams  present in a Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 using PowerShell. There are lot of instances where the network communications fail when we are teaming up the incorrect network interfaces. Especially when the team members…

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Windows Server 2012 R2 (We couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes ..)

Today i started building new servers installed windows updates and asked to restart. After restart i was prompted with this “beauty” of a message. First thing i tried to restart the VM with no luck and the same message come back . After some digging i found this article: Turns out turning of the…

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