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Create Exchange 2010 Database Availability Group (DAG)

Create Exchange 2010 Database Availability Group (DAG)

In this post, I will go through the process of creating a DAG in Exchange 2010 SP3. This post will cover the creation of the DAG using Exchange Management Shell.

Like any other service the DAG has some pre-requisites that needs to be met. Firstly, let’s go ahead and look at those.

  1. In Active Directory Users and Computers, we need to create a Computer Object for the DAG Cluster and then Disabled the newly created computer account.


  1. Next, we need to assign permissions to the computer object. To do this we need to open Active Directory Users and Computers and click View > Select Advanced Features.

  1. Right click the DAG computer object select properties > Security tab >Click add, you can either add the first node to be added to the DAG or add the Exchange Trusted Subsystem Security Group. (for the purpose of this post, I will add the Exchange Trusted Subsystem). Then select “Full Control” and click “Ok”

Now that we have the Pre-requisites completed we can go ahead and start with the DAG setup.

To get started I will run the following cmdlet, this will create a new DAG with TCLEXCAS01 as the witness server and local directory of C:\TCLDAG01 and static IP of

Next, we need to configure the properties of the DAG which we have created now. This can be done using the following cmdlets.

To add a member to the DAG the following cmdlets can be used.

Let’s go ahead and verify the DAG by running the following cmdlet.

To view the properties of the DAG using the Console navigate to Organization Configuration > Mailbox > Database Availability Groups

Double click on the DAG Name: TCLDAG01 to view the properties like Member Servers, IP Addresses, Witness Directory, Witness Server and Operational servers.

In the next post, I will look at how to add a Mailbox Database to the newly created DAG.


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