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Exchange 2016 ActiveSync Policies

How to create a new MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy in Exchange 2016. (also known as ActiveSync Policy)


In this post I will create a new Mobile Device Mailbox policy and assign to the sales users, these users are on the road daily and they are in locations where mobile reception is not always the best and the device needs to meet some basic company security policies.


Note that Microsoft will be discontinuing the ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy cmdlet and it will be replaced with MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy. And for the purpose of this post I will be using the MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy as some of the parameters required in my security requirements are not available in the ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy.


To get started I will create a new MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy with the following requirements:


    • PasswordEnabled


    • AlphanumericPasswordRequired


    • PasswordRecoveryEnabled


    • AttachementsEnabled false


    • MaxInactivityTimeLock  5 minutes


    • MaxDevicePasswordFailedAttempts 5


    • MinPasswordLength 8


    • MinPasswordComplexCharacters 3


  • PasswordHistory 10


Now that the require for the new policy has been specified, I can go ahead and create the new policy using the following Exchange cmdlets.






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