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Add a Channel to Microsoft Team using PowerShell

Add a Channel to Microsoft Team using PowerShell

In this post, we will look at how we can add a Channel to a Team using PowerShell.

In the previous posts we looked at the following.

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To get started we need to get the GroupId of the Team you want to add the Channel to.

Get-Team | Select GroupId, Displayname
New-TeamChannel -GroupId 95d038af-a7af-48f7-b20c-664d9b27c3e2 -DisplayName "Cool Kids Zone" -Description "Random Team chatter and Meme Sharing"

To view the channel, open the Team App and view that the new Channel has been created.

You can also view the new channel using PowerShell, run the following to list the Team Channel.

Get-Team -GroupId 95d038af-a7af-48f7-b20c-664d9b27c3e2 |Get-TeamChannel


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