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Creating Retention Tags and Policies Office 365

Last updated on Jun 29, 2017

In this Post we will cover how to create a Retention Tag and Retention Policy in Exchange Online.

Launch the Exchange Online EAC and navigate to Compliance and Retention Tags.

Create a Retention Policy to Automatically move all Mailbox Items from 1 Year to Archive.

  1. Click (+) Tab then
  2. Click apply automatically to entire mailbox

  1. Complete the Name Field
  2. Select “Move to Archive” below “Retention action”
  3. Select “When the item reaches the following age” below “Retention Period” give it a value of 356 days.
  4. Click Ok the Continue

Create a “Retention Policy” for the Retention Tag created.

  1. Navigate to Compliance then “Retention Policies” and then click on (+) tab.

  1. Provide a Policy Name and then click on (+) below “Retention Tags”
  2. Select the newly created “Retention Tag”
  3. Click Save

How to create Retention Tags and Policies using Powershell

Connect to Exchange Powershell using the Quick Connect script Here:

Run the following command to get the current Retention Tags and Policies

And Then

Now let’s continue and create the following Retention Tag

  1. Name: Managers Deleted Items
  2. Delete and Allow Recovery set to 180 days


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