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Manually Update GAL in Office 365

Last updated on Mar 30, 2017

In this Article i will show you how to “Manually” update the AddressList in Office 365

First thing you should do is to connect Exchange Online via #PowerShell

Now type your global administrator login details, then Create a PsSession to Office 365 as follow.

After the session has been created we will import the newly created session .

After the loading of the session the screen will look as follows

Now we will quickly move on to the Office 365 Admin Console .

By default no Global Admin user has permission to the Address List, so next step we will show you how to create a new admin role and assign your admin user access.

First you need to login to the Office365 portal. (

Then navigate to Admin Console , from the admin console we will scroll down to Exchange Admin.

On the Exchange Admin Console we will Click on “Admin Roles”

On “Admin Roles” page we will create a new Role Called “Address List Management” by clicking on the “+” tab.

Next we will complete the name and description, the click on “+” tab to select the new role.

We will select Address Lists from the List and click “add” at the bottom and then click “ok”.

Next we will Select the Admin “Member”  that will need the need “role”.

After Selecting the Admin user we can go ahead and click on “Save”.

Now we can see our newly created “Admin Role”

Our next step will be to go back to our #PowerShell session we have created and run the following commands.

Next we will apply the Updated AddressList to “All Users” as follows.

Happy Emailing 🙂


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