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Error creating new Mailbox Database Exchange 2010

Error creating new Mailbox Database Exchange 2010

When you try and create a new Mailbox Database, you receive the following Error:

How do we resolve this error, to start we need to look at our current AD Server settings in Exchange and that can be checked using the following cmdlet.

As we can see that we don’t have any Domain specified for Configuration, Preferred and PreferredGlobalCatalog.

So, go ahead and Set the preferred Domain Controller by using the following cmdlet.

As an additional measure for troubleshooting, check if you have an replication issues between your domain controllers. This can be done by running the following cmdlet on one of the Domain Controllers.

From what I can see above is that I have some errors for DNS lookups. I will kick of a restart of the second Domain Controller in attempt to resolve that error. Next, I will run the following cmdlet to force replication.

Let’s go ahead and run the command again to create a new Mailbox Database.

And there you go new Database created without any issues, last let’s go ahead and mount the Database.


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