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How to recover deleted email using VEEAM for Office 365

Recover Deleted Items using VEEAM for Microsoft Office 365

In todays post I will go through the options of recover a deleted item using VEEAM Backup for Microsoft Office 365.

To get started we need to open the VEEAM Backup Console and then Click on the Explore Option.

Select from which restore point you want to recover the deleted items.

The VEEAM Explorer for Microsoft Exchange will launch .

Click on All Stores and drill down to the Mailbox for which the recover needs to happen.

Next drill down to the folder where you want to recover the items from, In my scenario I will recover from an Archive folder.

I will select one of the emails from “Administrator” and recover it. To start the recovery process right click the mail item and select which restore method you want to do.

I will restore this item to a different folder with in my mailbox, to accomplish this I will select “Restore to” from the below Menu options.

Enter the credentials of the  account which is being used to backup the Office 365 mailboxes and then click next.

Specify a folder where to restore the items to and then click next.

Keep the default options enable as listed below and click restore.

Wait for the restore to complete.

Once the restore is completed we can verify this by going to the mailbox and search for the “Restored-Items” folder and then view the restored mail item.

As simple as that, VEEAM Backup for Office 365 allows you to restore a deleted item back into your mailbox.




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