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Why is Cloud VPS better than Traditional VPS

Last updated on Mar 28, 2017

5 things you should know about Cloud VPS

“Cloud computing is set to have a considerable impact on business in the future which is reflected in the survey finding that around 60 percent of organizations plan increased investment over the next two years to five years, while only 6 percent plan to decrease investments in cloud services.” – Gregor Petri, research director at Gartner.

Cloud is growing at a very fast pace and is changing even the most basic things we are used to- mobiles, TV, games, watches, just to name a few. There are many reasons as to why Cloud is gaining quick adoption- economic advantage, agility, speed, scalability, greater uptime, independence of location, greater collaboration etc. can be counted among the more famous ones.

Understanding this very fact, organizations are shifting from traditional technology to new technologies delivered as cloud services.

So if you are also planning to go for traditional VPS hosting, rethink! Get cloud environment for your hosting needs and adopt the most ‘in’ thing in technology.

What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS is actually ‘VPS configured in cloud environment’.

Your website will not only get all the benefits of VPS server, but will also overcome the limitations associated with virtual private server as in Cloud VPS, several elements work cohesively to help meet your growing web demands.

Why Cloud VPS is better than Traditional VPS hosting?

Here are 5 solid reasons that make Cloud VPS the best virtual private server in market:

1. Self- healing hardware

Fault tolerance of Cloud VPS is similar to backup from electrical generator which provides power supply to the building in the event of grid power failure.

With Cloud VPS you can proactively handle the failures and minimize failure impact on the system. How?

Cloud VPS hosting is a hosting solution, designed to be fail-safe which means if, one node or component fails then virtual machine automatically moves to another node.

Thus, you experience no downtime and eventually, no loss of service.

2. Centralized and scalable storage

Wouldn’t it be good if you get as much space for your business data as you need?

Cloud virtual private server comes with SAN- a safe, centrally managed and easy storage solution. With SAN Storage you:

  • Maintain closer control on data
  • Get rid of maintaining different disks.
  • Get faster backup bandwidth and high-speed network.
  • Get quick and easy access to important data from almost anywhere in the world.(file sharing)
  • Allocate resources on an as-needed basis.
  • Add more resources as per needs as SANs are highly scalable.

As you know, relative mobility and control of data can move a company workflow to a higher level of effectiveness.

3. Load balancing

Gradual expansion of your business will lead to an increase in the volume of traffic on your website, but this might also overload your VPS and affect performance of your site.

What’s the solution?

Traditionally, you upgraded your server plan. But relax! In Cloud VPS hosting, workloads like traffic spikes, SSL requests or database queries are distributed across the resources/ nodes/servers in such a manner that each resource gives improved performance.

4. Pre-defined templates for instant server provisioning

Provision your Cloud VPS with pre-configured, customized templates-Joomla, WordPress, Drupla, Opencart and many more.

These templates not only give professional look to your website but also reduce the time to obtain and boot new server instances to few minutes.

They can be installed automatically with just one-click.

5. Instant unlimited scalability

The ability to change your plans as per the fluctuations in business size and needs is a superb benefit of cloud computing especially when there is a sudden surge in demand.

Cloud VPS hosting allows you to instantly scale up or down the resources- disk space, bandwidth, CPU, RAM as per the IT requirements of your business.

Thus, Cloud VPS hosting is no doubt, a step ahead conventional virtual private server hosting.

I will be glad to answer your doubts, if you have any. Use comments section for the same.



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