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Reduce Exchange 2016 Mailbox Database Size using ESEUTIL

Reduce Exchange 2016 Mailbox Database size using Eseutil.   In this post I will walk through the steps of reducing the Exchange Mailbox Database size, However the method of reducing the Mailbox Database size varies from different administrators. If you can afford to have downtime on a Mailbox Database then these steps would work for…

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Exchange 2016 – Fail to Send Email to newly created MailContact

“Fail” LED=550 5.7.136 RESOLVER.RST.SenderNotAuthenticatedForRecipient; authentication required; Delivery restriction check failed because the sender was not authenticated when sending to this recipient. In this post i will go over the option of removing the setting “Require that all senders are authenticated“. In Exchange 2013 this can be removed by logging into the Admin Console > Recipients…

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Assign Office 365 Licenses using Active Directory Groups

Assign Office 365 Licenses with Active Directory Groups In this post I will walk through the options of  assigning Office 365 Licenses based on Active Directory Group membership. Microsoft has recently released the new feature in Azure Active Directory which allows you to apply Azure licenses as well as Office 365 licenses based on group…

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Create New Exchange 2016 Mailbox Database using PowerShell

New Mailbox Database using PowerShell In this post I will create a new Mailbox Database for Exchange 2016 using PowerShell. Available Syntax for the cmdlet “New-MailboxDatabase”

To get started we need to launch the Exchange PowerShell console and the run the following cmdlet.

Next is to mount the newly created DB.


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Exchange DAG witness in Failed State

Exchange DAG Witness is in Failed State. WARNING: Database availability group ‘DAG01’ witness is in a failed state. The database availability group requires the witness server to maintain quorum. Please use the Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet to re-create the witness server and the directory. To try and resolve the issue on the DAG , lets have a…

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Exchange Resource Mailbox not sending auto decline for double booking.

Set Exchange resource mailbox to send auto decline for double booking. This is a topic that always seems to come up from the helpdesk team , in this post i will configure a resource mailbox to auto decline when there is a double booking. In this post i will use the Exchange Powershell to configure…

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Slow SMTP Relay Exchange 2010 – “MaxAcknowledgementDelay”

Slow SMTP Relay for Applications using Exchange 2010 Receive Connectors.   In this post we will look at the default “SMTP Delay” for messages received from a system that don’t support shadow redundancy. By default, Receive connectors delay acknowledgement up to 30 seconds. For more information, see “Delayed Acknowledgement” in Understanding Shadow Redundancy. To view the…

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