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Microsoft Exchange RBAC Manager

Last updated on Mar 28, 2017

RBAC Manager for Exchange and Office 365

RBAC Manager puts all efforts to simplify the RBAC administration. Basically it provides the missing GUI to edit RBAC settings on Exchange 2010,2013 and Office 365 systems; including adding/removing cmdlets, cmdlet properties, assignments etc. RBAC tool is written in C# and using Powershell behind the scenes

For Release Notes please check Downloads section

Tested on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server 2008 R2 against Exchange Server 2010 SP2, Exchange Server 2013 Preview and Office 365


1. HTTP/HTTPS network connection to the Exchange server


After Downloading  and running the application you will be prompted to provide the below details.

Once you have provided the needed details to connect to On-Premises Exchange or Office 365 , the application will give the the following output.

We can now have a quick view of all the available Management Roles as well as Role Assignments.

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