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PowerShell Training

Last updated on Mar 28, 2017

How to get a good introduction to PowerShell.

There is a lot of different information available related to  PowerShell but the #Question still remains where do you start ?

What helped me find my way around PowerShell was to make it part of my #daily routine meaning i started doing the following.

  1. Check Exchange Mailbox Permissions
  2. Doing Exchange Administration with PowerShell
  3. Modify Active Directory User Objects with PowerShell

By doing some of my #daily tasks i started getting more and more into PowerShell and started #Loving it more.

So what i have found that helped me as well is the online training course from Microsoft Virtual Academy PowerShell for Beginners.

Link :

Once you have logged in with you MS Live account you can then select the following.

Once you have Clicked on Learning Paths you will get the following screen and then click on IT Pros.


On the IT Pro Learning Paths you will get a list of specific courses for IT Pros , here you can select the PowerShell for Beginners Course.

Hope this course is helpful to some. #HappyLearning

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