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Convert Mailbox to Shared Mailbox in Office 365 Admin Portal

Covert Mailbox to Shared Mailbox in Office 365 Admin Center

With one of the Latest updated to Office 365 you now have the ability to convert a mailbox from the Admin Center itself.

Lets go ahead and convert a Mailbox.

  1. Log on to the Office 365 Admin Portal and search for the Mailbox

2. Double Click on Mailbox in Question

3. Select “Convert to Shared Mailbox”


4. Click on “Convert to Shared Mailbox”


5. After Reading what the “Shared Mailbox” is. You can then click on “Convert”

6. Wait for the conversion to complete


Once the Conversion is done you will have to wait a few minutes before you can add members to the “Shared Mailbox”

And as #Simple as that you can now #Convert to #Shared Mailbox in #Office365 Admin Portal.






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