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Create and Complete new Exchange Certificate Request

Last updated on Jun 4, 2018

Create and Complete new Exchange Certificate Request.

The post will cover a quick guide on how to create a new Exchange Certificate Request as well and Completing the certificate request.

To get started, the request file can be created from the Exchange Admin Console by following steps.

From the EAC Click on Servers – Certificates — +

On the “new Exchange certificate” section, select “Create a request for a certificate authority

Provide a friendly name for the Certificate.

For the purpose of this guide, I will select a Wildcard certificate. “This option depends on the type of certificate that you have purchased for your organization.”

On the next step an Exchange Server store should be selected to install the new Certificate.

On the next step, basic information about the organization can be entered and then just click on next.

The last step now is to finalize the request file. This step requires an UNC path where the request file can be saved.

Once the Path has been entered the only step left is to Click on Finish. The Request file will be created and this file we will use to create the certificate on the certificate authority.

To complete the Pending Certificate Request, the following needs to be done.

Navigate to ServersCertificates on the Exchange Admin Console, and then select the pending certificate request and on the right-hand side click on complete.

Next, the UNC path must be provided where the certificate file has been saved. Click on Ok to complete the process.

How to verify if the new Certificate has been installed

To verify we will use the Exchange Management Shell and run the following.

In Exchange Admin Console, the Certificate will show as “Valid’ instead of “Pending”.

And that is how quickly it is to create and complete a Certificate request.



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